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So, me ... Jena Campbell

Well let's start with the obvious; I love me some books. I especially love romance books, which is about all that I read. I spend a lot of my time reading scientific topics which take an obscene amount of concentration and rarely much enjoyment, so I latched on to romance novels that I started reading for pure entertainment. I read just about all kinds of romance, except paranormal and historical. Not that I rule them out, they are just not my usual cup of tea. 

I decided to start this blog because I review a lot of books and I don't have many .. well any people in my life to share my attachment to these books with. So I wanted to post the reviews to a website where people could find new books and also discuss the books they have read. I know sometimes I just fall in love with a character and then here I am, all by myself, with all this love, and no one who understands and wants to enjoy it with me. I hope to provide that here. I am just starting out and I'm not all that tech savvy, but I am you tubing like crazy to figure it all out. I want to have author interviews, group discussions, organization, and wonder!! 

So, I guess I should mention myself a little. I am a stay-at-home mom of two girls, six and one. They are wonderful but sometimes stressful. So I read to calm my frayed nerves and regroup ... and drink wine. Can't forget that. I am a scientist without a job right now but I read articles to keep up to date. Hence the struggle through research and the need for the more easily read, fun time books!! I have been married for seven years to my very own military man!! Whoop Whoop!! Sexy hero!! Probably a lot less dramatic than your typical military romance. *Sighs* 

I also do some beta reading for authors. So maybe I can give you guys a heads up into some new and upcoming authors and books. If you are interested in me beta reading please feel free to contact me. I've read a lot of various books that I feel like I could offer a decent amount of input about content and characters. But just in case you haven't noticed yet, I am horrifying at grammar. Please don't ask me to edit. i do know the difference between they're, there, and their. Also, you're and your. Outside of that, it's up for debate if I ever listened in English class. Haha!

Either way, I hope you bear with me on my technological adventure into blogging and discovering how to expand my website. I will get a facebook page up soon and hopefully have giveaways and parties and all that fun-time jazz. I have a few books posted that I have already reviewed, but to see more please visit me on Goodreads. I have a lot more there!! So please grab a glass of (insert preference), grab a book, and enjoy!! 

And me... Sanzana Syed

Hello fellow bibliophilias! My name is Sanzana Lia Syed and I’m the newest member of I Bookin’ Love to Read!! Like Jena, I love to read and read mostly romance novels. I find that NA is a genre I can closely relate to, therefore it is also my favourite.

If you noticed, I like to put the letter ‘U’ in my or/our words, such as colour and behaviour. It’s probably because Canadian! (I need to tone down the exclamation points now).

Book ,reading ****#!!!???

I love books and everything to do with them. They’re a great pastime and for someone who spends a lot of time at home, a book is great company. Reading is an engaging thing for me and I take it very seriously if someone says that reading is not a hobby (because what would it be if it wasn’t)? I can easily put myself in a character’s shoes and just feel what they feel. With the right flow of words, it is also easy for me to accurately see the scene in my head. I am very tech-savy (something that Jena would appreciate) and I’m just a pretty awesome girl.

Now, Jena and I have a bit of an age gap. While she has her family, I’m only just starting out my adult life. I should be in my sophomore year of university but due to recent events, I’m starting over again for the fall of 2015 (I plan on taking journalism). However, my youth does not hide the fact that I’m an old soul and I find that I can relate a lot more with adults than with people my age. This is something not many people know, but reading is my cure to depression (sorry I had to bring out the big guns) and instead of looking to drugs and alcohol, I chose books (mind you, I don’t mind sipping on a glass of wine every now and then).

Even with my lack of experience when it comes to relationships, the advice I give is surprisingly accurate and magical (not my words). This is kind of why when I’m older, I would love to work for a magazine and become an advice columnist, because I believe my purpose for being in this world is to heal and aid others. I’m kind of far from that dream, but we’re getting there.

Anyway, I’m excited to meet you all and I cannot wait to start reviewing and doing what I love, reading. Thanks for reading!

**Random fact: Lia is not my middle name (I wasn’t born with one) however, it was the name I was supposed to be named. Funny story, my mother ended up chickening out with Lia because the woman next to her named her daughter Alia. Naturally, she panicked.

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