Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Taste of Christmas: Dublin Style by Krissy V - Sanzana's Review

Rating: 4.75/5 Stars!
My name is Nollaig, it’s the Irish word for Christmas. I hate my name. My parents loved Christmas and that’s why they gave me such a festive name, together with the fact that I was born on Christmas Day.

However, my parents are no longer with us after dying in a car accident on Christmas Eve, five years ago.

Now I hate Christmas all together.

I always hated the fact that everyone got presents on my birthday. Now my parents are gone and ever since then I just don’t feel like celebrating Christmas. Everything about this holiday gives me sad memories.

I need a miracle to happen over the Christmas holiday to make me change my mind about Christmas.

Who knew that a quick shopping trip would provide me with the miracle that I so desperately needed?

**Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
I can honestly say that I loveedddd this book so very much. I knew that this would be a Christmasy book (that is a word right?) so I "dressed" for the occasion. I put on my Christmas pajama's decorated with Christmas trees and little ornaments. I then sat on my couch and had candles lit up that smelt like "Winter" (and kudos to Bath & Body Works for creating such and accurate scent). Next came my favourite, candy cane white hot chocolate with whipped cream (that was a mouthful) and I just sat there, reading. Reading Christmas books are my favourite to get comfortable with and whether i'm curled up in a blanket or reading it by the Christmas tree, it just, suits my mood. Helps me dive into the book easier and gives and accurate sense of the setting that the book explains.

Did I lose you, or am I making perfect sense.

I will and will forever will be a hopeless romantic. And Tully, he just, what he did for Nollaig to fall in love with Christmas, it was just a genuine and wonderful act and reminded me of why I loved the holidays so much. 

There was that part where Tully takes Nollaig to see Santa. Now this is going to sound weird, but Krissy's writing is so amazing that I could FEEL the magic that Santa seemed to give off when he presented his gifts to Nollaig. It was unbelievable, the emotion I felt. I felt like her at that very moment, and it felt magical. 

Which brings me to my next point, Krissy's writing. She just has this way of writing that makes the book come to life to the point where I feel like i'm standing next to the characters and seeing it happen right in front of my eyes. I will most definitely be reading future novels by Krissy V. 

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