Saturday, October 4, 2014

Forgotten Yesterday by Renee Ericson

Rating: 4.5 Stars 


Ruby Miller's future was on track when she entered her freshman year of college at the University of Chicago. Everything seemed easy, possible, and full of hope, especially with Brent by her side.

However, life didn't go as planned and obstacles arose setting her on a very different path from the one she had envisioned.

Now, five years later, Ruby is piecing her life back together and moving on from everything that once tore her apart.

What happens though, when the one person who carries every memory of Ruby's happiest and darkest moments appears unexpectedly before her? Will she carry on or dive deep into her forgotten yesterday?

*Contains explicit language, sex, and mature themes. Recommended for readers 18+.

**A These Days Novella

*** This is a continuation into Ruby's adult life from the YA-M novel, After Tuesday.


*I was given this book for an honest review.* 

          I really enjoyed this book. It was a great middle book for in between the two stories. It wasn't too much of a cliffhanger, but it was enough to make you look forward to the next book. And I must say that after reading the first two books, I can not wait to read the next one.  I still really loved Ruby and Brent as characters. I feel like it was a realistic story about two people who hit a hard road and made choices that hurt, but were probably for the best at the time. I love that you can still feel the love between them and you can also feel the pain, but maybe now, after some maturing, they are ready to work through the hurt and be together. I love this book because it doesn't create this almighty love story where love conquers all immediately. Sometimes it takes work, distance, and growing up to deal with what happens at such a young age. 

         I enjoyed how the story was written with the back and forth between past and present. It made me eager to continue reading and see what happened next. My only issue is that sometimes it moved a little slow and left some gaps about what Ruby did over the past five years. We know she is just now finishing school, but there is missing info. However, we did learn what Brent had been doing while they were apart. 

         Overall, I really liked this book. It was a good follow up from the first book and foreshadowing into the next book. Sometimes when a series comes out it is all over in the first book and then just drags on aimlessly forever in the following books. This one didn't feel like that at all. I can't wait for the third book to come out and hopefully I will be able to review that book also .... ;)

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