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Whiter Than White by G.G. Carver

Rating: 4.25 Stars


     Life is a rat race, and Elena White is stuck on the treadmill. She's been living on autopilot, a slave to the 9-5 routine - until a chance meeting with an old school friend serves as the catalyst that changes Elena's life in a way she could never have imagined. 

     Dazzled by her friends self assured confidence, Elena makes an innocent attempt to break from the monotony, and the repercussions send her on a roller coaster of emotions, smashing predictability to pieces, leaving her life anything but predictable.


*I was kindly given this book for an honest review*

     I gave this book 4.25 stars. It's an odd number, but I'm pretty stingy with my stars and it was better than a 4 ... but not quite a 4.5. 

     This book was a breath of fresh air for me. It's been a ridiculously LONG time since I have read a good book. Before this book I had two DNF ... I always finish my books ...It was a sad couple of weeks. So I was nervous to read this book. But I had heard amazing things about it and it had great reviews. I wasn't disappointed. It was such a good read. It had depth, but it was an easy, lighter read also. And of course it was SUPER sexy .. *fans face* It was the first book in a while that I found myself looking forward to going home and reading it, or opening it up on my phone to squeeze in a few more pages, and thinking about what would come next throughout the day. It was just a good book! 

     So why was it so good? First off .. the characters. I think most people can relate to a point that we have been in our life where we were in a rut. Then all of a sudden, one small moment of chance changes everything. I liked Elena because she was willing to take the opportunities presented to her. She was a strong character who used these opportunities to build her confidence and turn over a new leaf. All she needed was a push to see herself in a new light and she began making changes to better herself. I loved that she stood up for herself to her boss ... that she stood up for herself to Conrad.

     She was a relatable character with real, honest emotions. She hurt and cried and had hopes like I could imagine anyone would have. I like that she didn't play coy and act like she was unaffected. When she was upset, I knew. I liked that she held out hope for Conrad even at the worst of times. Oh, and she was sexy and I loved it!! Apparently so did Conrad. 

     And Conrad .... Mmmmm Conrad. He is strong and sexy, but has emotions. He is dominant, but also lets Elena take the lead. It is just a sexy combination. Conrad was interesting with his secrets. He was very open and honest about some things, but then very secretive about others. I felt like the author wanted you to think he had more secrets than maybe he did. He was always very open with Elena, albeit reluctant. However, throughout the story, Elena is constantly questioning his secrets. Overall though, I liked that he was open with Elena about his past. 

     This book was interesting because it almost didn't seem completely centered around Elena and Conrad's building relationship, but had an equal focus on Elena and her growing confidence and leaving her rut. It definitely dismisses the allusions of how some people seem. Her friend Jasmine seems like she had the perfect life and we get to see how imperfect it can be sometimes. However, because it wasn't centered around their relationship, it might be the reason that the ending seemed a little abrupt maybe. It's difficult to explain without giving away any spoilers, but Conrad takes Elena to Scotland with him and it seemed like a spur of the moment decision, but in the end he has a big gesture that he was planning all along. Also, the situation with Conrad's other "relationship" seemed unresolved. I guess, I just wanted a little bit more resolution. 

     But it's OK because when Conrad and Elena are together, it's fantastic and sexy. I mean the sex scenes are steamy, hot, sexy, passionate, forceful, sweet, rough, soft .... so many more adjectives.

     Conrad's hands grabbed her backside. His fingers sank into her flesh and stretched her wet opening to the limit where pain met pleasure, a sharp gasp hissed from her lips.
     'Do you want it?' he asked.
     'No, I need it,' Elena replied breathlessly.
     He threw his arms out flat on each side of him. 'It's all yours. Enjoy.'

     I was won over with the first sex scene on the stairs ... OH ... My ... Goodness. Can I be in a small stairwell with a sexy man please .... pretty, pretty please!!?!?!? I mean, here is the aftermath of their night ... Haha!

     Conrad took out a £50 note from his wallet. 
     'Oh no, sir. The breakfast is included in the price," said George, waving his hand at Conrad. 
     'Er, no. I'm afraid, George, we somehow managed to break the bedside lamp last night. I've cleaned up the mess, but I want to pay for the damage.'
     'No, don't you worry about that.' He looked left and right as if checking no one was about. Placing his hands on the bar, he leaned over to them. 'To tell you the truth, I'm more worried about the bed. So long as that's survived, I don't mind.' Elena felt her face turn several shades darker than George's rosy cheeks.

     And I was a little nervous about reading a romance by a male author ... I'm ashamed to admit I had preconceived notions about what could be said. How horrible of me ... Well, here I am to admit I was wrong. Man, woman, ... whoever. This book was awesome and flowed well and kept me involved. There was even some suspenseful situations that really tied the whole book together. There were moments that made me gasp in shock, cringe in embarrassment, and feel sorrow and shame with Elena. It was a good book and I'm so grateful that I got to read it because I needed it. So go buy it ... Now!! Enjoy!

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