Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Desertion by River Savage Review

4.5 Stars



Three things Jesse Carter has lost. A former Marine, Jesse used to stand proud of his achievements and live by the code. But when circumstance made him question everything he believed in, those most basic values didn't feel so important after all.



Knights Rebels.

Three things Jesse Carter has found. Reborn into a brotherhood not so different from the one he left behind, Jesse finds it all too easy to block out his past and claim the role as Rebels' fun-loving player.

Until he meets Bell.

Shy, awkward, and with troubles of her own, Bell Johnson's no stranger to hiding her pain. When Jesse forces himself into her life, she's at risk of her defences crumbling.

Does Bell have the strength to survive Jesse and his demons or is she fated to become another casualty in the self-destruction of Jesse Carter?

           Out of everyone in my life, she was the one who brought me peace. She was the one who constantly tried to help me move past it.

   This book .... This book is a reminder for why I love reading books. More than just a way to pass the time or anything else. This book spoke to me at a time I needed some help. I went into this book expecting another great book by River Savage. I had some preconceived notions about Jessie and what his story would be, and it was there. But the book was phenomenal. And maybe it was because of where I was in my life in those moments I read this book, but no matter what I devoured this book looking for the answers at the end. 

   So Jessie .... I have been looking forward to his book and I loved it. I loved him. He was fun and we hear about his past with the military but really we see so much more to him and we see that the military experience was just the tip of the iceburg. I think the main them of this whole book was for Jessie to find peace, for Bell to find peace. It was a phenomenal message. 

          “You’re right but, son, you deserve peace. Forgiveness isn’t about the person asking to be forgiven; it’s about allowing yourself permission to stop hurting. Walking around with this much hatred in your life isn’t going to go away when he dies, Jesse. What he did to you, to me, to our family, it will always be with us, but you need to separate the ugliness growing inside of you before it takes over. Don’t you want peace for yourself?”

   This quote ... Jesus!! I just can't handle it. I desperately read to the end of this book to figure out how Jessie finds his peace and figures out what to do. I just came home from a place that asked me for forgiveness that I didn't feel like I could give. But all I want is peace. Isn't that what we all want. I almost broke down reading this book. It's so good and so perfect and so relateable.

   Gosh, I've barely covered all the other characters. I liked Bell. She was cute and a consistent character. I've read a lot of inconsistencies among characters lately ... so this was a nice change of events! I got really, really frustrated with her at the end, but understood also. I frankly just wanted her to give in and get it over with. It was fun to see all the characters and get caught up with them. It ran in line with Reclaimed. You don't HAVE to read books in order, but I highly suggest it. 

          Your worth is conditional on nothing.

So, I don't know what you're doing still reading this book... GO! Go buy it ... buy the whole series. It's one of my favorite MC books and I LOVE it! Enjoy!!

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