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He Saved Me by Whitney Barbetti

Rating: (Sanzana) 4.95/5 (Jena)4.75 /5


   I’ve come to understand that I’ll always find her. She’s my north star, my sense of direction. In her, I’ve found my home. She tells me I saved her. But the truth is, she saved me.
   But nothing good can ever last. Andra’s keeping secrets. She’s holding something back. I’m trying, desperately, to anchor her. To let me in, to let me help.
  But will all my efforts end up with a ghost of a girl I love?

   I'm used to disappearing. Vanishing into thin air, without a trace of who I've been or where I've gone.
  But it’s so much harder to do with a broken heart and no hope for a happy ending. Sometimes the only people who can put all the pieces of us back together are the ones we least expect to. That's what Julian did for me.
   Julian found me. But now, all Six wants is to keep me locked up, away from the world, away from the Monster. I can't live like that. It's not living at all. Because I still have unfinished business.
   And I'm going to make sure the Monster gets what’s coming to him.

Sanzana's Review:

This the second book of the HFM series. Please read  book one first before you read this one.

     *Sigh* God, this book was...everything. I devoured this book. I remember talking to Whitney at 1am in the morning and screaming at her about all the events. I loved how Whitney was able was able to tie all the loose ends in this book. Things like what really happened to Andra's mother, a little bit about Six and Mira, and Andra's real father (!!!) This was the perfect conclusion. 

     We begin the story from Julian's POV. And we start off with a scary prologue. Now this prologue is told in the present day, and then the story is told 6 months in the past. That prologue had me worry that there might end up being another book in the HFM series, but rest assured, it has been put to rest. I will say I love reading from Julian's perspective, mostly because he is a writer and speaks a different way, a way I love. And we all know how Julian speaks. 

     We switch to Andra's perspective until the end and we learn that she's in hiding, from Monster. And once Julian finds her, he refuses to leave and spend every moment in that house with her, along with Six and Mira. Andra has never met Mira before, until now. Mira is...well Mira. Snarky, smart, and has a weird fashion sense. She's something else too, but I won't spoil, you'll just have to read it. Mira likes to rial up Andra, and uses her anger to teach her how to fight and defend herself. And what I loved a lot was seeing Mira and Six together. Despite how those two act around other people, Andra notices a different side to both when they're together...they're softer.  

     Now…Andra pissed me off in this one. With Monster being unpredictable and the world wanting to know what happened to Andra, Six issues Andra to stay confined in the house and not to leave. So what does she do? Goes out anyways. I get it, being cooped up in a house for months is…insane but a part of me wishes that Andra could have taken more time to understand why Six worries and is concerned about her safety. Then again, this wouldn’t be an amazing book if Andra listened to Six, right?

     Just so you know, this book isn’t romance based (kind of why I’m missing 0.5 stars) but it makes sense as to why it isn’t. He Saved Me was about Andra rediscovering everything she was left out from. It was about her finding out the line where her strengths and weaknesses meet. It was about her building the strength to defeat her worst enemy. Rest assured, there is romance (between both Julian & Andra and Six & Mira) and they are just the most bittersweet moments that I truly loved seeing between the two lovers. 

These bittersweet moments that I loved mostly involve Julian and Andra. The first time these two met after 4 months of separation, they had sex. And what a way to reunite. But it wasn’t just that. Julian’s presence of just…being there made me feel calm. You have Andra reading on of Julian’s books and Julian typing away for his next (with his super sexy glasses perched up on his nose) and they would just enjoy each other’s company. Julian was there for Andra, even if he didn’t do much. He aided her when she needed it and comforted her. When Mira and Andra were training, Julian was always there for her to lean on. 

     He Saved Me was a great book to end off the 2014 year. I enjoyed it, a lot. I loved learning a lot more about the character’s presented in the book (especially Six and Mira). I will, however, spoil one thing about this…Monster is gone for good.

And TBZ fans...there is a special moment added at the epilogue. I'm so proud of myself for noticing the reference.  

Jena's Review

     This is Whitney Barbetti's third book and I have read them all. I'm here to tell you that this one is my favorite. Hands-down my favorite! In previous reviews I have done of Whitney's books I've discussed that she usually gets to a certain point in her story where a scene comes along and then all of a sudden the book goes from good to effing amazing! There was no point like that in this book. The whole damn book was just fantastic. From the opening prologue to the epilogue I was in-love. Let's call it insta-love. Haha!! 

     From the beginning where we see Julian's frantic looking for Andra and meets Mira to when he walks up to the house. 

          "My blood is pumping, excitement was filling my entire body. I looked up at the house as I approached, feeling my palms sweating. It was magnetic, this reaction. Andra and I were magnets for one another and the closer I moved towards the house, the more intense the pull became."

     Even the basic scenes at the house where Andra and Julian are just talking and sitting in bed together. It is just so romantic and we get to fall back in love with Julian and Andra's love! The focus isn't on all their sexy times ... though they are there. It is about them being with each other and contemplating a future they're not sure when or if they will get. It's very thoughtful. 

          "Sex with Julian wasn't just the meeting of two bodies- it was the meeting of the sum of all our parts: our minds and souls and hearts. It was the most beautiful equation."

          "His gaze as sure, his intentions were so perfectly clear. I knew he loved me, but this look? It was something else. It was a man looking at me as if he saw his future, like he hadn't just followed the path to his destiny-he'd run a marathon to it. And he wasn't tired. Not yet. Not even close."

     You know what we do get .... Mira and Six .... my God do we get Mira and Six. I'm not going to lie ... They kind of stole the show. I, of course, was excited about discovering they were getting their own book. But after this, I can NOT wait for it! It's funny because in He Found Me, Andra is this hard, tough woman. And then you meet Mira and she gives new meaning to being rough around the edges. But the more you see about her the more you want to love her. And love her I did. 

          "We all make choices in life, and some of them are scary ones." "But what I am saying is even if something is scary, even if it hurts, if it's what you want - go after it." 
     We also get a closer look at Six ... and my goodness, while in the past few books he was this dark, almost ominous, presence, in this book we see more of who he is and who he was. How he became a part of Andra's life. It's really just amazing. The answers that were missing in book one are all answered here. And of course the suspense and tension of dealing with the Monster is there and it is great! 

     Whitney's writing is so great because it truly brings you into the story. At no point while reading did I think how this is just a book. I was living a retelling of something that actually happened. I believed it that much. Her writing draws you in on page one and won't let you go until she says she is done. There are tears, chills and laughter. Do NOT wait to buy this book. Enjoy!!

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