Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sanzana's Top 10 Reads of 2014

Hot damn. It's almost 2015 (it felt so weird typing that). Jena asked me to do a top 10 of all the books I read this year and goodness, I hate ranking books, so these are in no particular order...kinda. So for any authors who were ranked "low" or weren't ranked at all, I just wanted to say that if I could, I would add every single book. So without further ado, here are my top ten reads: 

Cosway, L.H. "Six of Hearts" 

There was just one thing in this book that I loved so much to death. It was when Jay did this magic trick with and egg and butterflies. It was one of those rare moments where I was doing exactly what the female lead was doing, left in shock and awe. Love. Love. Love!

Barbetti, Whitney. "Ten Below Zero"

Stunning, tear-jerker, emotional, what did this book NOT make me feel? Emotions that I didn't even know existed in me through this one book (this was before I read Unravel but I'll get to that). There is one quote in this book that will always stay with me in my soul: "Be broken Parker." He grabbed my face in his hands, forcing me to look at him. "For fuck's sake. Be broken and be okay with it. Be okay that I know." 

Martin, Lex. "Dearest Clementine"

This book was the second book I read that introduced me to NA novels and I owe much of my life to Lex because she started it all. So thanks girl. Anywho, the book, I just loved Clem and Gavin together a lot. Gavin is not only a sexy hot RA, but he's a musician, and that get's me wet almost instantly (sorry fellow friends on FB, I should have warned you about that). I kiss my paperback goodnight occasionally. 

Read, Calia. "Unravel"

Mind-fuckery at it's best. It's an amazing book. This is the most recent book that i've read that...I think I might have cried unexpectedly. I don't even know why i cried at the end of the book. Maybe I was confused, or maybe it's because of what the book "unraveled" in the end. I heard book two is coming soon with explanations so, I can't wait to read that. I will devour it. 

Berg, J.L. "Within These Walls"

Oh, Lailah's "wish-list" was literally awesome and everything about this book was sweet and romantic. I loved the ending to this book as well. It was so good, I went and bought a paperback of it so yeah. P.S. she ends up with her hot doctor. 

Daniels, J. "Where I Belong"

What didn't I love about this book? I have yet to get a paperback of this!! This is one of my favourite second chance novels. And cute, baby Nolan I freaking adored him. But most of all, Benjamin's very dirty (but glorious) mouth. Mmm. Can I have seconds of that?

Moore, Addison. "Sugar Kisses"

This book had three of my favourite things I like in a book; a college romance, a baker, and steamy scenes involving food. Enough said. I kinda need to get this book too in PB. (Wish-lists it on Amazon).

Hoover, Colleen. "Ugly Love"

Ohh this book. I love feeling the cover of this beauty (AND IT'S BLUE)! You KNOW if Nick fucking Bateman wants to potentially star as the lead male in this book for a movie, YOU FUCKING KNOW this is an amazing book. UGH GOD! Please let Nick's dream come true! I will go to an opening show just to watch this! 

Bennett, Sawyer. "Uncivilized" 

 I want to meet this author in person and ask them where they get their sexy inpirations from. This wasn't the first book by Sawyer that had me changing my underwear. But mannn, this book. So raw.So primal. So...uncivilized. ;)

Marcoe, Caylie. "Choose Us"

I felt wrong not to add a YA novel in my top 10, and this book, I really quite enjoyed. I feel like I can't relate with characters in YA reads anymore, but this had the cute steaminess I loved in a regular NA novel. This is sort of like...a bachelor tv show, only one of the girls and the bachelor have history. SO. Yeah. Go read it.

Novels that didn't make top ten, but are still worth mentioning:
  • Bad Romeo - Leisa Rayven
  • Be My December - Rachel Brooks
  • Can't Go Home - Angelisa Stone
  • Illusion - J.S. Cooper (this should totally get a picture for it)
  • Broken - Lauren Layne 
  • Once Upon a Billionaire #4 - Jessica Clare (I love this series so much. They're standalones, by the way). 
  • Their Virgin Secretary - Shayla Black (Not one, not two, but THREE sexy males in bed with one girl. Yes, i'm an extremist). 
  • Screwdrivered #3 - Alice Clayton (Part of the Wallbanger series. I loved who the female lead ended up with and I LOVE how he took me by surprise).
  • Darker Water - Lauren Stewart  

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