Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have an awesome feast in store. I remember a month ago (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October) I was in charge of drinks, which includes wine, juice, and HOT CHOCOLATE. Yes, I consulted the photo down below as a guide, and honestly, the recipes listed are so goodd.

But today, i'm doing nothing but reading books, and visiting the mall to see if there are any cool Black Friday deals happening. I know Amazon has a giant sale for their Kindle's so i'll post a link for that down below.

Jena unfortunately caught a nasty bug that got her sick today, so send your well wishes to her to get well soon.

My favourite one was the peppermint one because I love minty stuff (and a lot of people judge me for it). Enjoy the long weekend everyone! 

- Sanzana <3

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