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Better Than Sugar by Katrina Kirkpatrick - Release Blitz

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Title: Better With Sugar (Cranefly Romance #1)
Author: Katrina Kirkpatrick
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 10, 2015

War veteran Ethan Quill's horse doesn't like people. And that's okay because neither does he. Broken by their pasts and shunned by the community, they keep to themselves on Ethan's rundown farm. And then along comes a brown-eyed baker who turns their world upside down. Heiress by birth, optimist by heart, Elly Baptiste has left Manhattan behind and picked up her spatula in Cranefly, a quaint Adirondack town. She's looking for love and finds the promise of something unexpectedly delicious with the local recluse. But how does a woman who’s running from life find happily ever with a man who’s hiding from it? Elly knows sugar. Ethan knows war. She knows sweet. He knows defeat. When put to the test, can they prove that love and life really are better with sugar?  

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"I am not crazy." She scratched again. "Really? Because you seem pretty damn crazy. You shaved me—you took my jeans—" "Borrowed. I borrowed them." "You keep your mother in the fridge." Her fingernails dug at her back, irritation only making her itch worse. "It's a jar of yeast!" "That you call your mother! Why are you scratching like a stray dog? Just what exactly is the problem back there?" "I don't know!" Elly snapped and tried to stop. The slow crawl of movement tickled her again and she froze. There was something in there. Not on her. But in the robe. She prayed she was imagining it and tried to speak. Her mouth flapped twice, no sound came out. "What? What is it?" Her fingers knotted together, she forced in two deep breaths of air. It moved again. She wasn't imagining it. There was something in there. Oh, God. There was a spider in her robe. Elly raised her gaze to Ethan, begging him to understand what she had to do. "Are you alright?" He took a half step towards her. And Elly did the only thing she could do. She threw her robe off and leaped naked at Ethan Quill.  

This was exactly the book I needed to read while my life had seamless gaps. It was funny, sweet, adorable! I love the characters, an ex-miltary man and a baker. It wasn't all erotica or hot steamy sex based, I mean, it was a nice break from all that intensity. Which I loved. As for Katrina? I can't wait to see what in store for her next books because they way she writes makes me heart flow...and laugh. Not at her, god no. Like I said, this book does have a bit of humor in it. The comedic moments and serious moments were placed in the plot so well. It never left me feeling confused and everything made sense. Kudos to you, Katrina. I'm happy I got a chance to read this book. (Translation: Go buy the damn book, haha). 

About The Author

A love of language led Katrina Kirkpatrick to a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Illinois, a love of her babies led her to the illustrious title of Stay-At-Home-Mommy, and a never-ending, lifelong delight of storytelling led her to pursue publication. She infuses love with laughter because love might make the world go round, but laughter lights up the scenery.
She has two daughters who call her Mommy Queen, two dogs, two cats, lots of chickens and a husband happy to call this chaos home. They reside in central Illinois.


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