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Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin Review

Sanzana: 5/5 Stars 
Jena: 4.5/5 Stars 
 What’s the worst thing about wanting a sexy NFL football player? Everyone else wants him, too. 

 After catching my boyfriend getting deep-throated by a skanky cage girl, I’ve learned my lesson – never date a professional athlete. Never. Besides, I have more important things to worry about, like not blowing my shot to make it as a broadcast reporter. I won’t let anything get in my way, not even the new “it boy” of the NFL and my hot-as-hell neighbor.
What's the worst thing about getting death glares from his new neighbor? It doesn't make him want her any less. 
I’ve worked my ass off to make it to the pros. The last thing I need is the complication of a relationship, especially since my last one was a total train wreck. But I can’t stop thinking about the feisty girl next door with the smart mouth. And I’d love nothing more than to show her what to do with that mouth.
Friends with benefits might be the best idea he’s ever had. Or the worst. 

Kissing Madeline is a companion novel to DEAREST CLEMENTINE and FINDING DANDELION. Each book is a stand-alone.

Sanzana's Review: 
     Yes, yes, yesss! Daren's comeback is soooo amazing and now i'm sad to say I love him and Maddie more than Gavin & Clem! See, when we first heard of Daren in the first book, Dearest Clementine, he is a total dick for cheating on her. I never, ever like judging people for their mistakes, because you only know half the story, even if the "bad" person seemingly has an excuse. 

     But when we read about Daren in this book, it all makes sense. Yes, his actions and how he coped with his problems ended up breaking Clem, but Clem would have never found Gavin and Daren, Maddie. This book is a perfect example of never judging someone based on their past, nice job Lex!

     Okay now that that is over, let's talk about the book in general. It is a dual p.o.v. so we hear the story and events from both Maddie and Daren. Madeline is beautiful, smart, and very cautious of the guys she meets. Somehow, Daren breaks her walls, and she lets him. She lets him pentrate her in every way possible and he's all she can think about. On the other hand, Daren has always been facinated by Maddie's quirkiness and personally (and her body, duh). As he spends more time with her, he realizes that this girl is more than that. She's scared, and she doesn't want him to mess her up, even if the two can work things out. And he wants her. Despite the concequences. Despite what other people may think. Despite how wrong they may be for each other. 

     Kissing Madeline is a must read if you have read all the previous books in the series. Even if you haven't read the first two (which you should have because, god, they're all just as amazing), this book is a standalone. I feel like this isn't the end of Lex Martin and she will have another story to come. Right now, i'm just going to reread this book as many times as I can. 

     p.s. The sex scenes? Mmm, yeah, I think my insides warmed up a lot in the book. A good 9.5 in the intensity of passion and chemistry these two had. 

Jena's Review

     I am so excited to have finally read this book. I feel like we have been waiting forever for Daren's story and I have to say that it was worth the wait. I love the Dearest Series hard. This book was up to a difficult challenge because Finding Dandelion was my favorite in the series and Clementine and Jax are my favorite characters. After this book... Clementine and Jax are still my favorite characters, but I think that Lex Martin really out-did herself with the story line this time around. 

     This book is considered new adult genre due to their ages and them just graduating college, but it definitely read like a contemporary romance. Maddie and Daren were just so mature that I usually forgot that they were only 22/23. I really enjoyed their characters and watching their relationship progress. There was enough side story to carry the book through, but through it all, it never went too far away from Maddie and Daren's relationship. This was one of those books that I just LOVED watching them fall in love. 

    Of course we can't go through a whole review without mentioning the steamy as hell sex scenes that Lex is amazing at writing. It is just wonderful and enticing and hot!! I loved every dirty word, ass slap, and tug of hair. Of course the shower scene too. I love shower sex scenes. I was won over then regardless of what happened after that. Haha

    Throughout the book, we catch glimpses of the rest of the gang and get caught up on them. Especially Jax, since he is Daren's best friend. Which makes me happy ... because I LOVE Jax. The side characters work perfectly to support the story without taking away from it. I have to say I'm sad to say this is the last book in the series because through it all I was curious as to who would be next in the story. But I am beyond excited to see where Lex Martin goes next. 

     If you're still reading this review and haven't one clicked yet, then for the love of God, STOP!! GO!! One-click now! This is a story and series that will stick with you forever. Enjoy!

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