Monday, March 23, 2015

Tiffany Reisz Author Interview

     To say I was lucky enough to interview Tiffany Reisz is an understatement. I was allowed five questions and I think I had an easier time picking the name of my children than trying to decide what I wanted to know. But it was an honor to ask her any questions. I'm not sure I would fan girl over anyone else, but I would hands down fall in a puddle of awkward right at her feet. I love her books and I don't know of many other books that I would forcefully shove down anyone's throat as much as I would these. So read on! I hope maybe some of these questions are something new to you! Maybe I will get another chance to interview Tiffany and I can ask all the other burning questions I have!! *fingers crossed*

I Bookin' Love To Read: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I am deeply in love with your books. I can't think of any other book that has made me so attached and think so much about them. Your books make me question my ideas, morals, and what turns me on and also makes me want to be a better catholic all within one book! I appreciate the depth of feeling your books inspire in me. So thank you for that!! 

Tiffany Reisz: Youre welcome! My pleasure!

IBLTR: I have wanted to ask this question for so long. So very, very long. Haha! Why did Soren sleep with Grace? I get that Magdelena said he would have a child, but Soren has only slept with three people. Three people that he loved. It was almost sacred that he would only sleep with Nora and Kingsley, and then he so easily sleeps with Grace. Why couldn't he have had a child with Nora? This keeps me awake at night .. Haha! I haven't ever felt an attachment to a book before like I do to this series, so I ponder it often. 

TR:1-Søren could never have had a child with Nora because Nora doesnt want kids.
2-Grace saved all their lives. If she hadnt gotten to Kingsley in time, Søren would have been executed and so would Nora. Kingsley would have killed himself in his grief.
3-Søren doesnt do anything easily. He does everything deliberately fully aware of what hes doing and why even if he doesnt share his reasons with anyone but God.
4-Im Catholic. These books are Catholic allegories. Every Catholic story needs a miracle baby. Grace is my Virgin Mary (a humble girl who feels unworthy for the great deed shes called to do), Zach is my Jewish Joseph, and Søren (as always) is my God the Father who gives beautiful gifts to the people who have faith in him.

IBLTR: Will you ever write a book from Soren's POV? If not, why?

TR: Never ever. Sørens mystery would evaporate in an instant if I wrote from his POV. I wouldnt even dare attempt it.

IBLTR: What kind of research do you have to do for these books? 

TR:Oh, the usual. Where places are, weather, locations, driving times. Everything else I either already know (kink and religion are my two areas of expertise) or I just make it up.

IBLTR: What is your next project after The Original Sinners series? 

TR: Not sure yet. Ill keep yall posted.

IBLTR: Will we get a summary of everyone's lives before the series ends? Will we see how Wesley is and Michael and Griffin? I'm having upsetting moments just thinking that there are only two books left!! There isn't enough time!! Haha!! I will be so upset and miss it dearly when the series is done. 

TR: Relax! Ive got this all under control.

IBLTR: Thank you so much for your time 

TR: Thank you!

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