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Al Daltrey Author Interview

Let's Meet Al Daltrey!!!

     Starting off are some questions about Al that I had come up with and mixed in are the fan questions also. These made me think and they made me laugh!! It was a good Q&A!! Enjoy!!

What made you want to start writing?

     It was definitely my interest in BDSM, not my interest in writing itself. I used to enjoy asking submissives about their past sexual history, and seeing the woman squirm or blush when answering. I found it quite erotic.  One day, I flipped open my laptop and starting writing a kinky BDSM story where a girl gets ‘interviewed’ after a session with a dominant. Soon I had 20 pages, then 40, and I knew I was on my way to my first novel. ‘Testing the Submissive’ was born. So, it was my love of BDSM that triggered it, not my love of writing.

What is your favorite genre of books?

     BDSM erotica and biographies. Unfortunately I don’t read all that much. I have to read a lot of research reports for my work, so I don’t spend much of my free time reading.

If your books were made into movies, who would you create as a star cast?


       For the men, definitely not pretty-boys. Perhaps a Gerard Butler or a Russell Crowe. As far as the submissives in my books, I’d love to see Amber Heard play either Abigail or Chloe.

How long does it take you to write a book?

     I’d say three months. Two months of real writing, and a month where work interferes, and I do nothing but edits or touch-ups.

What is your favorite part of writing?

     Seeing a new review. Getting a good review is more fun than having a good sales day. For me it validates the whole process.

Do you have any habits/traditions while writing?

     Not so much a habit, but a unique place - which interestingly is in my car. Most weekends my wife and I head up to our chalet. It’s two hours in either direction, and it’s quite common for me to spend the entire four hours writing on my laptop in the passenger seat. As I said to a few people, a good portion of my books were written while travelling 60 mph.

Are any of the scenes based on real life situations? Are any of them based on personal experiences?

     I think a lot of scenes stem from real life situations, although exaggerated and embellished for fiction. I’ve been lucky enough to have done some enjoyable and kinky things in my lifetime, so I have good memory-bank full of fragments than can ultimately become scenes.

In a lot of BDSM books there is mention of being collared and how it is very important in a D/s relationship. Neither of your books mention this; is it because it is not as important as portrayed in other books or did you just choose not to include it? 

     Great question. In ‘Testing’ I did not mention it, because Lewis and Abby have a non-traditional arrangement. The novel starts with him as her pimp, not her Master. In ‘Two Views’ a collar is actually mentioned seven times. Chloe refers to her eternity ring as her symbolic collar. She calls herself “his collared submissive.” In fact, it plays a pivotal role in one critical chapter. In real life BDSM, a lot of couples use symbolic collars such as a ring, or a bracelet, because most women can’t go to the office with a BDSM collar around their neck. Lastly, today’s younger generation don’t use the term as much. It’s been replaced by the word ‘owned’.  Subs in their 20s don’t say “are you collared?” they say “are you owned?”  Since Jack and Chloe are in their mid-to-late twenties, I used both in the book.

Do you feel like you include any part of yourself in your characters? Do you base any part of them on you?

     Without a doubt. There are elements of me in Lewis and Jack. Mind you, my books are more extreme than anything I would in real life. I don’t do whippings in real life, and I don’t ‘share’ girls. For the sake of fantasy and fiction, the books push reality.  I’m also more like Jack than Lewis.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

     Fixing grammar and doing edits. Sometimes you get home from work, and you just want to chill out, but you are facing a deadline.

If you could meet any author who would it be?

Kimber Dawn.

Who inspired you the most to write?

     No one person to be honest. Not in the beginning. Now - after seeing Tiffany Huegele do so much work to help me, I want us to succeed as much for her benefit and enjoyment as mine.

Do you have a favorite character of your books?

I like the subs. I like Abby. I like pain sluts.

What would you say to someone who wanted to start writing but didn't think they could write a whole book? 

     I’ve had this conversation many times!  I give them a deadline, but a reasonable deadline. I also tell them to work on a one-page outline first. Then, tackle it one chapter at a time. Pure and simple - one chapter at a time.

Do you wish you could only write or is it more of a hobby for you?

It’s a hobby. I know I will never be successful enough to sustain a living from this.

Do you have to do any research for your books? If so, what kind?

     Nope. Not really. The only thing I did with Two Views was look up stuff about San Francisco on the internet. This way, everything was accurate as far as the views, the geography, the stores, where they went hiking, etc.

How do you feel about other BDSM books that are more ... trendy (for lack of a better word)?

     I think it’s good!  I think it all contributes to a greater acceptance of kinky lifestyles.  People can now be open about sexual preference as far as gender.  Hopefully one day, Doms and subs can be more open. Some people in the BDSM community reject the popularity of 50 Shades. My view is that it is a good thing. I saw people reading it openly on the subway. That is a good thing!

Do you feel like they are realistic? Do you have a favorite BDSM book?

     No, I don’t have a favourite BDSM book yet. I want to read ‘The Life of Anna’ by Marissa Honeycutt.

How do you handle negative reviews?

     I only received three so far, and what could I do but accept them?  I just hope they are legitimate.  ‘Testing’ is a harsh book, but the excerpt is right there, free of charge. It would be like asking someone who hates heavy metal to review a Metallica album.

Is Al Daltrey your real name or a pen name?

Pen name. My job requires that I keep my interest in BDSM discreet.

Are you open about your BDSM lifestyle?
Nope. Never have been. People with professions like teacher, doctor, politician, business leader, - can’t afford to risk their career.  People in smaller towns need to be discreet, so as not to be judged.  Sometimes it’s for the sake of family. I have no desire or need to be open about it.

If someone wanted to experience BDSM where would you recommend they go since there are so many places that could be unsafe?

     I recommend people concentrate more on finding the right partner in life, not necessarily a “Dom” or “sub”.  I think it’s less about where, and more about ‘with whom’. Go slow. Never meet anyone for the first time unless it’s a public open place. Bring a friend or tell a friend where you’ll be. Never meet anyone unless you know their real name, and real home address. All the rules of the internet apply. If someone is worth meeting, they won’t rush you. Start with lots of phone conversations, skype, etc. All to say don’t meet random strangers.

Random Round: 

What is your biggest fear?

Getting old.

What makes you happy?

Making people I love happy.

What's more important, family or friends?

It’s a tie.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I’ve been curious about Australia lately.

Are you shy?

Nah. Totally not.

If you could never fail, what would you do?

Be a musician.

What's your addiction?


What is your hidden talent?

Curing broken hearts.

Tell me a joke

Where does a polar bear keep his money? (read backwards: knabwons)

Speed Round:

Cheetos or Doritos - Doritos
Vans or Converse - What are vans?
Coffee or tea - Coffee all the way.
Coke or Pepsi - Either
Taco or sushi - Sushi, but it’s close.
Rough or passionate sex - I’d alternate.
Mexico or Canada - Mexico for the beaches. Canada to live.
Cats or Dogs - Dogs.
Jeans or Shorts - Shorts.
Morning person or night owl - Pure night owl.

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