Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Choice by Allison J. Kennedy Review

Rating: 5 Stars


     How do you heal from your past when you're still trapped within it? 

     I lost myself the night of the party. Just like that, my innocence and my sanity were torn away. 

     I would like to say that time heals all wounds, but it doesn't. And I would like to say that falling in love is what rescued me, but it wasn't. Nobody told me what to expect in the coming days and weeks and months after conceiving a rapist's child. Years later, my wounds are still just as fresh as the night they were made. It would be so easy to disappear and allow the memories to consume me. 

But that's the choice, isn't it? To live instead. 

**This book contains rape triggers. Discretion is advised


"Everyone has moved on. I'm still trying to do the same."

     Let me just start by saying that this book was absolutely beautiful and it will be one that I will NEVER forget. I am not a crier and sometimes I have tears in my eyes ... one might leak free while I'm reading, but I had to sit this book down and just cry for a minute because oh my gosh!!! It was intense and it was just so beautifully written. 

     So the book synopsis talks about what happens in the book. May got raped and ended up pregnant with her rapist's child. When I read the synopsis I knew I wanted to read this book, but I was not at all prepared for what this book would be like. It wasn't your typical YA/NA story where a victim is trying to move on with her life. It is so much more than that. I always find myself wanting to read a book where the victim is strong and stands up and sticks it to the asshole ... I want that in all the books. And sometimes I get frustrated with the characters when it doesn't happen. May chose not to tell anyone, she kept it a secret from almost everyone for a very long time, but I have NEVER understood a character's reasoning more than I did in this book. I have never felt so much from a character than I did in this book. 

          "I heard before that rape victims often felt ashamed, but I never comprehended how that could be possible until it happened to me."

     It was just so beautifully written and the topics tackled were done so beautifully and respectfully. I just don't even know if a review can express the depth that this books resonated with me. Even if you can't relate to how May was raped, I think there is a piece where everyone can relate to keeping secrets that haunt us and we don't want to share with people. Will they believe us? Will they pity us? Will it really help anything? This book gave understanding new meaning. I have never read a more honest book. It was just beautiful. 

          "You might not ever feel like the person you were a few weeks ago, but maybe you can grow into someone who will nod at the past with appreciation for what it was, and accept new possibilities."      

     The way the author set up the book kept you guessing about how the "then" and "now" would connect ... but they do. Don't worry!! Haha! I was so stressed, but so in love it was amazing. This isn't something I would necessarily characterize as a romance. 

          "My heart ached in a way that told me that regardless of why I was falling for him, I simply was."

    It's there and it is really great, but the main part of this story is May's struggle. I would feel so much for her when she just wanted to forget and months later she still couldn't.

          "What was happening to me? Why couldn't I get over this? I was static. Just a statistic. This sort of thing happened all the time to women, young and old alike. So why did I feel like I was the only one who had ever been violated?"

     Haven't we all just wanted to forget and move on even when it seems insurmountable. I really just don't have anything else to say ... just read this book. It is beautiful and wonderful and challenging and a life changer .... those are the best books ever!!! Don't miss out and enjoy!!!


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