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Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin Review

Rating: 5/5 Stars! (Sanzana) 4.5/5 (Jena)


      Twenty-year-old Clementine Avery doesn't mind being called bitchy and closed off. It's safe, and after being burned by her high school sweetheart and stalked by a professor her freshman year of college, safe sounds pretty damn good.

Her number one rule for survival? No dating. That is until she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class and needs material for her latest assignment. Sexy RA Gavin Murphy is more than happy to play the part of book boyfriend to help Clem find some inspiration, even if that means making the name of research, of course.

As Gavin and Clem grow closer, they get entangled in the mystery surrounding a missing Boston University student, and Clem unwittingly becomes a possible target. Gavin tries to show Clem she can handle falling in love again, but she knows she has to be careful because her heart’s at stake…and maybe even her life.

DEAREST CLEMENTINE is a stand-alone novel with two companion novels. This New Adult romance is recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.


Sanzana's Review

     This gorgeous piece of work had everything I love in a book, including a hint of mystery. That mystery element is way better than your typical "jerk-boyfriend-who-gets-accused-of-cheating," jealous ex's, or pregnant female leads. Lex really knows how to write and knows how to create...spicy(?) characters who are not just amazing individuals, but sexy too. 

     The book features Clementine Avery; a college student who's a writer and has a book published for the world to see. Unfortunately, the book is close to her heart and involves some unpleasant facts that may possibly have happened to her as well. In this case, she was stalked by her prof. And because of that, she's become a closed off girl who's snarky and keeps people at arm's length. 

This is where our hero enters. 

     Gavin Murphy, an RA at BU, the only guy who sparks Clem's interest. Sexy? check. A musician? Check. Wears glasses? Double check. The thing about Gavin is that he always shocks you. He's seems like an ordinary guy, but then when he opens his mouth, just wow. He has a way of saying things that makes you think, that makes you just want to grab his face and kiss him. 

     Clem, with Gavin's help, tries to write a second novel, but because she's not an expert on love, well, it's no wonder how Gavin's is just conveniently available to help. They get caught into sexy situations and this is where I love Lex's dirty mind. I mean...making out in the laundry room? That scene had me flushed! When they made out behind the bookshelves in the library (yes, I know) it had me fantasizing and dreaming about that with my future guy. And there's so much more. 

     I really could go on, really I could. But sometimes I talk too much and then I realize i'm missing the point.

     This book is ah-ma-zing. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book. And I've read it countless times. And I normally don't read books over again unless they're on my shelves (or if you're super amazing). Of course, the chemistry and passion between Gavin and Clem are slightly subdued compared to many steamy couples, but Gavin and Clem are up in my top 5 couples.

     Whether it's buying the ebook, a signed paperback, or just the paperback, it is worth every dime. Not only does it have an amazing cover, the content is equally as amazing. I'll post links below if you want to know more about Lex or even her books. 

Jena 's Review

I gave this 4.5 stars. It was a really great read and the characters were fantastic. All of them!! I liked the light mystery/suspense in the book. It really wasn't too much, but something to add a little extra to the story other than the catty ex girlfriend and the romance. The book had a very good flow to it. The mystery was subtle and believable; it didn't feel like an afterthought, but realistic. I really loved how Gavin and Clementine's relationship progressed. It took some time and I believed the experiences they shared and didn't feel like they were in love within twelve hours. Also, they were friends that you could feel the chemistry between. 

I really really like Clementine and hats off the the author for creating such a successful character. I feel like a lot of authors fail at creating these leading ladies that are cynical for some reason or another and they make jokes and they just sound annoying and like they know ALL about life and .... uhg ... just continuous eye rolls. I didn't feel that way with Clem at all. I found myself laughing at her comments and her interactions with her friends; thinking, "You're right Clem, I would punch him in the throat!" But it was fun and not at all cliche. 
I like that once she decided to try and be with Gavin she accepted what she felt and it wasn't this constant annoying denial that carries on uselessly. She showed her growth and maturity by talking to friends and Gavin and trying to be positive. It was refreshing. Gavin was a great male for this story. The scenes between him and Clem were sexy and made me fall in love with him as much as Clem did. The side characters were fun and I look forward to their stories. I enjoyed Ryan and Jenna as side characters. They provided quite a bit of humor to the story and I think I'm going to have to play the Out-Skanking game. Haha! 
There were a few moments in the book that made it less enjoyable. The only time I did want to roll my eyes at Clem when she thought he was only making out with her to help her with her book and not because he liked her. .... I mean .. come on. I also wish there was more of a climactic ending. It seemed to build up and then kind of fizzle out. I just wanted more. 

But overall, it was a fantastic story and I can't wait to read about the other characters in the next books. Especially if the characters are as much fun in their own books. I would definitely recommend reading this book! Enjoy!!!

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