Friday, January 9, 2015

Hope Over Fear by J.A. Derouen Review

Rating: 4.25 stars


     Today is the day – the day that the man I love marries someone else. I don’t deserve pity or sympathy. I’ve made my bed. I left Mason and ripped his heart to pieces as I ran away. The guilt and sorrow consume me, threatening to choke me everyday.

     But today is a new beginning. Today is the day I will wake up with a renewed resolve and determination to do better … to be better … to be worthy. My name is Sara Preston, and this is my story about what happens after.

Hope Over Fear can be read as a stand alone novel.


     I liked this book because it was a little different. In the synopsis it really doesn't mention romance; it talks about her story after something difficult happened and how she moves on. That is the main point of the story. So the first 15% of this book is her talking about what is going on in her life and really sets up the series, I think. We learn about what happened ... at least part of it, we meet her friends, Marlo and Alex, and we see where she is wanting to head in life. We meet Sara at a pivotal point in her life where she is choosing to move on and make better decisions. It really is just a positive feeling to a story that a lot of people relate to. I'm sure we all have an event where we made a decision that hurt our self-worth. Well this really is a story of Sara finding her self-worth again and I was there the whole time cheering her on. 

     So she doesn't even mention/meet the male character Adam until 17% of the book. And a lot of that was talking about the other characters, especially Alex ... for a while there I was wondering if this was Alex's book. But by 17% we move on to Sara. It moves a little fast initially with Adam and Sara. They only have a few conversations and then they are in it. But other than some misplaced upset about conversations that never had time to happen, it was all good. I liked it. Their time together was skimmed over so you were able to believe the relationship forming between them. I loved watching them fall in love and I wanted them to be together. Both had obstacles but the romance was intense. 

          "It's like you were fucking made for me," Adam whispers under his breath, so low I almost don't hear him. I don't think I was meant to. 

     As the story goes on, even though Sara has moved on and done things to gain some positive feelings about herself, she still carries around some doubt. While she has done her best to move on from the incident from her ex, they live in small town and rumors still fly, which makes it difficult for her to let everything go completely. And when Adam lets his temper get the best of him he lets some words fly that play right into Sara's insecurities. I really like how the author dealt with how Sara needed to let go of those self-doubts before she could be complete with Adam. It's so true and just created a strong female character. I really liked Sara. 

     J.A. has a way of writing that you just don't expect some of the emotions that are brought out in you. I rarely cry during a book. BUT there were two scenes in this book that just came all of a sudden and oh my god are those tears on my cheeks!?!?!?! She really just makes you feel this story and makes you empathize with the characters and it's just so good. 

     And this book just really sets up the characters for the following books. Alex and Celia seem like they have some emotional reads in store for them. I am especially looking forward to hearing more about Marlo ... she is brass and funny and bold. Overall it was a great book with a lot of story, and not just pure romance, although there was plenty of it along with steamy sexy times!! 

          "I could watch you ride my cock all night long. I want you to touch your tits for me beautiful girl. Pinch those hard nipples."

     Don't miss out on this awesome read and make sure to read it before Wings Over Poppies is released so you don't fall behind!!! Enjoy!!  

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