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In For The Kill by Shannon McKenna Review

Rating: 4.75 stars!


     The risks ex-cop Sam Petrie has taken have turned his life into a train wreck. So he has nothing to lose by doubling down as the elusive Svetlana Ardova's unwanted bodyguard on a potentially deadly trip to Italy.

     Ever since the McClouds rescued Sveti from certain death, her crusade against modern slavery has blazoned a bulls-eye on her chest, but when one of the threats against her almost hits the mark, Sam's protective instincts go into overdrive. Every lethal obstacle and trap they encounter ups the stakes--and the undeniable heat between them.

     Now they're spiraling in on a deadly and explosive secret--one that could either redeem them or destroy them . . . and the closer they get, the shorter the fuse . . .


     Let me start of by saying that I absolutely LOVE Shannon McKenna. She was one of the first romance authors I ever read and she was definitely the first romantic suspense author I ever read. She set the bar high and it is hard to top. In For The Kill doesn't disappoint. This is book 11 in her McCloud and Friends series and I'm devastated to say the last. The end of an era. These are not 11 books that were printed in a couple years ... these books have been the highlight of my year for the past ten years. *wipes away tear* BUT I'm beyond intrigued to see what Shannon comes out with next. The end of this book definitely leaves and open ending for maybe a spin-off.

     But let's talk about this book. I gave it 4.5 stars. Starting to read this book was like coming home. I've been reading her books for so long I just love her writing style. I don't know too many other authors who are able to bring a reader into a moment. I feel like while reading I am there feeling the cold wind coming off the Pacific Ocean, hitting me in the face. And she writes it so poetically. I just adore her writing style. I was excited to finally see Sam and Sveti's story. It has been hinted at and coming for the past few books and it didn't disappoint.

     I loved Sam in this story. But at times I almost felt bad for him because I feel like he was being jipped in his relationship with Sveti, even though we know in the long run that everything will work out. But what I love about his character is that he can be so freaking manly and dominating and caveman-ish, and yet so vulnerable and open and almost week at the same time. And gah, the things he says ...

          “You’re the farthest thing from boring that I’ve ever met,” Sam cut in. “You rocked that party for me. First, you attack a mafiya vor. Ten minutes later, you’re bare-breasted and lubing all over my hand. You’re a fucking force of nature.”

     It's just sexy in a manly way. I appreciate that. And later he will be barely holding onto his tears while baring his soul to Sveti. Only for her to barely accept it.

     This was the part that stopped me from giving it a full ten thousand stars. Haha! Sveti was pretty selfish throughout the book and arrogant. Very, very arrogant. For someone who had been through what she had, she was very trusting of people and naive of how men look at her. She constantly rejected that these creepy old men would find her attractive and kept allowing them to touch her in front of Sam. It made me angry. It was disrespectful and so very naive. She should have been aware of these things. I wanted her to be more jaded and weary of people and not just of love. I still liked her and understood her need to be free. I did love her ability to open herself, at least sexually, to Sam.

          "She wanted everything he had. Wanted to devour him. His energy, his strength, his heat—things she could not formulate as thoughts, but only understand with her skin, her heart, her guts, her blood. Her clutching hands, her throbbing sex. The movement of their bodies became phrases of a language she almost understood, but with some exiled, struggling part of herself that she could not quite reach."

     I also didn't like that some scenes for drama for the sake of drama. There were easy solutions to problems but Sveti just continued on her own plan and ignored an easier safer solution. Wouldn't she have had safety ingrained in her from a young age? Why would she ignore all that? It was frustrating.

     The first half of the book was mostly about building up Sam and Sveti's relationship while the second half was about the extraordinary suspense. I have to say, Shannon writes the sickest villains and she does not hold back in her stories. There is no such thing as sugar coating in her books. I appreciate that she takes it all the way. It makes the books seem more realistic. 

     Overall, this was another amazing story done fantastically. This book is NOT a standalone. You need to read some key books to get a better understanding of Sveti's full story, but I would highly recommend starting at the beginning and falling in love with all the characters. I am sad to see the end of the McCloud clan, but excited to see what else will come next. Enjoy!!

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